beware...line in vote also!!!    Its destiny. And its a curse. Common man’s life is a curse. If you go by the rules of the book then most of your life will be spend in line. When in school we leran discipline while standing in line. We move in line. Organised Citizens. My foot !!! 

And this summer I am feeling the heat.

Take for example Railway reservation. Usually I depend on my agent to do the job. But in present economic scenario ‘save money’. I decided to go to the reservation counter myself. After all, I thought,  Lalloo’s railway has been hailed by the media as one of world’s largest(does it mean best?) network. Computerisation must have calmed the seaming public. And what I found was a nightmre in the morning. It took me 3 hrs and 2 counters to get a reservation and that too in waiting. Aghast I am! And more so I found that had I given 50/- Rs per person to the agent my job would have been easier. The booking personnel were obliging their friends at the cost of poor man’s time and energy. I found that the general speed of booking agents very slow as compared to their counterparts in South of India. Because here in Lallooo land these personnels are not adept to computerisation but adept to corruption! So  million of common men around the country are daily wasting their precious time, energy, potential job, health to be on the Railways. Better to catch-on the agent. But what for those who can’t afford. Thnk Railways towards the real development when a common man gets best services.

Then their is line at ATM’s also for withdrawing money. Their is line in Bank to deposit money. Population chuckles or Insensitiveness to CM’s (CM is common Man) issues.  Gas booking line (when service can be availed over phone!). Line to deposit bills in govt. departments like BSNL or  post office. Private Enterprises have gone towards bill deposit thru’ free net banking. But not for government. Common Men to hell.

We confront line at the hospital. Physician or surgeon. Or Dentist. Precious time lost. Is it due to burgeoning population? or plain inefficiancy? Could not reason out the reasons..

I just dont want to be a common man….help GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But their is line in temples also.