As the tempo rises for IPL 2 another competition is going on. The competition between top 3 bollywood stars who are in cricket for ‘more fame’ and ‘more’ moolah….and seems to be loosing on both counts – is hotting up. To finish at the bottom. So at the end of first 5 days we have SRK’s KKR, Priety’s KXI and Shilpa’s RR at botto3. The reason is obvious. Too much glamour and off-focus.
While SRK put his foot in the mouth on Ganguly’s issue, Priety and Shilpa looked hyper-involved in the game. The three must have understood till now that glamour, hype, money can only givr STARS but not the win.
So unless some dramatics happen or unless these teams regroup it will again be disastrous year for these stars at the IPL.


would like to contribute an sms i received –

‘suraksha ke darrr se IPL videsh mein khela jjaaaayega.

kuch saal baad aisa bhi sunoge ki ‘ suraksha ke darr se 15 Aug ko TIRANGA London mein fehraya jaayega’ – r u listening Mr Chidambaram.