NaMo NaMo…is Mantra for India

Till 2001 Gujarat was like any other State in Union of India. Being a Non-Gujarati we even did not care. Being bought up in Northern part of India in Haryana having parents from U.P we used to have our own problems like Kargil, terrorism, Ram-Mandir, communalism, nepotism in governance, lack of educational opportunities and so on so forth.

ImageThe 2001, 26 January, shook our consciousness and forced us to look at Gujarat. Such was the devastation in Kutch and Bhuj that India Today that was considered a well balanced political magazine then, came with an issue Deathquake. It was massive destruction with over 1 Lac people perishing! It was reported that the administration have collapsed and rescue and restoration work in shambles. Then in Oct’2001 we heard that a new Chief Minister have been brought in to oversee relief and rehabilitation work and soon it was being reported that the man is indeed performing.

Suddenly… in Feb’2001 we got news that will ultimately over the years lead to transformations, mainly towards positive transformation. Train carrying Kar sewaks have been burnt. Many burnt alive. It simmered anger. Then what followed have been analysed by many experts having varied view-points and ideologies. I- the asli aam aadmi- give you ‘our’ analysis.

The Media was in growing phase at that time. Money was coming in. Tele communications was becoming stronger. India was shining then for us. The propaganda was against NaMo. He was projected a villain. It was a fashion then and even now to a lesser extent though, to barb NaMo. Media trial was on. It was projected that India have been shamed only twice – one in 1992 Ayodhya Babri structure demolition and in 2002 Muslim killed. NGO cottage industry grew. There was a visible attempt to colour Saffron with terror. I was an Hindu, my family used to vote for the Congress. I am an Hindu and not a terrorist was our refrain. Why are they singling out one man for their venom! The feeling that the whole world is being pushed to corner because he was a Hindu, a Sanghi led to NaMo coming in our consciousness. And the journey towards NaMo NaMo started.

He spoke like a strong man. He spoke from his heart. No corrupt intentions. He did not fear and was not diplomatic when he hit out on Pakistan or terrorists. He was just not like any other politician who wanted to please all. He called Miyan Musharraf. He ignited a spirit of love for my motherland, that we are not weak. He was given a title of ‘Maut ka Saudagar’. He hit back. Our faith in him grew when he won his first elections in 2002 inspite of massive tragedies that his state of Gujarat have gone through.

NaMo was considered a polarising figure. But for us he was becoming a mascot of Nationalism, pride in Nationhood, man having will to call spade a spade. In short a strong character. And despite and inspite of all allegations, accusations, propaganda NaMo won another term. Jeeyo Gujarat. So you just can’t’ make a second straight election win a fluke and communal. It was development work he did that was rewarded. We got to know how Kutch and Bhuj have been transformed to be worlds’ top rehabilated cities. We realised how a prominent but plague hit dirty Surat have become a model city symbolising prosperity and growth. We realised that NaMo is a visionary with a mission to improve lives and prove his detractors wrong. And Gujarat was seeing it. Me, the asli aam admi, was also feeling it.

As we now see, hear and read Gujarat story our love for NaMo grows. Now when we hear barbs against him our pride is hurt. He is accused of killing terrorists! These politicians just can’t continue to throw garbage at a man who is a visionary. Take a look at Gujarat. Pure electricity, smooth roads, industrialisation, jobs, alternate forms of energy, efficient governance and a top brass which is incorruptible. Look at their special health programs for children for fighting malnourishment. This health program includes aanganwaadis and encourages community participation and focuses on even the last man in a remote village. Is it happening anywhere else in India? Here is a politician (!) who happens to be the C.M who strives for industrialists to invest in his Gujarat. He goes out of way to pursue business for his state. He gets these industries to adapt villages. His state has a program that pushes for tree plantation in every home in Gujarat. He has a team of bureaucrats who get the work done with minimum fuss. NaMo is disciplined and is incorruptible.

As an asli aam aadmi ‘we’ see NaMo as a leader who thinks and lives for the Nation. As lacs and lacs of us throng to hear him in rally after rally, watch him speak live on TV, our heart is filled with Hope. Suddenly we have become a very positive Nation. NaMo NaMo is the mantra of development. NaMo NaMo symbolises Nationalism. NaMo NaMo means inclusiveness that is not subjected to wearing skull caps. He is ignited in the passion to work for the motherland. He has made us proud of our History. He is talking of North East, he is talking of his Rainbow strategy of development. NaMo is all Humility with guts and Passion to deliver.

NaMo is a Revolution of Mind. NaMo is the way we conduct ourselves towards our society. His becoming Prime Minister is important for India, for us the asli aam aadmi. His not becoming PM will not be his loss but shall be an opportunity missed by us. NaMo will continue to have and deliver in Gujarat then! And we will continue to be a Nation of onlookers. Ram Bharose that is…

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