3 Idiots – an AUTHENTIC team-work

I managed to watch 3 Idiots after full 10 days of its release in India. An AAmir Khan starrer film is always anticipated. And after 3 Idiots I can safely say that ‘Jahanpanah Tohfa kabool karo’. ‘Bollywood-I am proud of U. ‘I’ is the average movie-lover who goes to watch film that is made for the family, is an entertainer, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you look around, makes you look inside, take you into action mode and get embedded in the memory. This is the excellence of 3 – Idiots.

Take now the unnecessary controversy of the film. The film gives credit to Chetan Bhagat’s 5point someone novel in the end credits. What more can be expected from the makers in strict legal terms. Why is Chetan Bhagat making such hulla-boo. Where was HE when disastrous Hello was adapted from his novel. No claim, no publicity, no Problem, nothing. Read a review of his book here that was posted on March 9,2009 and judge can 3 Idiots be same!

hirani's 'munnabhai touch makes 3Idiots so powerful

But the point is 3 Idiots is so powerful a film that it does not require this murky thing from Chetan Bhagat for publicity. Chetan is doing more harm to his reputation by this scandalising than anyone else.

Rahul Kumar playing mm-the gem of character

RajKumar Hirani’s ‘Munnabhai’ touch is evident in 3 Idiots. The screenplay is the match-winner for 3 Idiots and the sheer credit should go to the producers and the Director’.Look at the characterisation of MM(milli-meter) portrayed by Rahul Kumar. Just look at Chatur Ramlingam (portrayed by Omi Vaidya)…sheer brilliance…

The film was well made and well marketed. Aamir Khan visited small towns to promote the film. This is sheer professionalism.

After’ Kaminey’, I am loving this IDIOTS…It s only an entertaining movie…! Its a success because each one can relate to it….’Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance , i wann’a grow again’…this emotional atyachar is what is making people like 3 Idiots….It does not promote suicide, nor it promotes ragging…it is just a mirror of our society blended in entertainment….
Watch it in this capacity and u will surely enjoy it….