Come May’16 and results will be out. The examination of Indian Democracy. Where for a difference (after a gap of 5yrs or may be less) the law makers take their test, the citizen ‘the janta’ examines and The EC acts as invigilators. The results as in normal exams are predictable to the examinee. But these exams are sure to ‘surprise’. Remember the 2004 ‘India Shining’ surprise.

Its an election thriller. With hair raising action-(violence and boycott call in naxalite affected areas, murder of candidates and of-course lot of shoe-shows)- powerful dialougues starting from Varun (true or untrue?) to Lallu to Raj, to PM Manmohan, to Modi to Priyanka(Gandhi!) to Kalyaan Singh to Amar Singh  to Sanju Baba….surely bollywoood loook out for dialogue writers from the common man’s men in khadi. And twists and turns that are genre of Abaas – Mustaan Director Duo (again do remember back stabbing bro in Race, falsely implicated Aki in Khiladi, anti-hero Baazigar, the off-cut mordenity of Priyanka (Chopra!) and desiness of Kareena in Aitraaz).

No one can predict at National level. Or I must say no one dare to predict. Thanks to EC for banning Opinion Polls in media as they would have looked more ‘joker’ ya, more joker than before. This time media has gone all out to bow before the ruling party’s whims. CNN‘s Rajdeep bend is evident from the time of cash-for vote in parliament. And he someway go into overdrive when some negative news on Modi is out. This time SC judgement whose timing is indeed doubtful as also how Kapil Sibbal predicted this judgement well before it was out. Similarly NDTV (whose last quarter loss is reporetd to be around 150 cr) seems to be looking at favourable centre for bail-out. To hell with ethics of Pranoy Roy or Barkha Dutt. How can they explain the title of their debate  – kya desh mein Varun jaise neta honge? – they go at length to promote similarity between Rajeev and Rahul Gandhi (similarities will be their as they are father and son!). Star News is best of the lot. Its coverage of election is most objective. Times Now is also managing good healthy debates. I got to see some observation about media bias. Would share some with you:

Media bias, the reason by Vidrohi:(link :

# Barkha Dutt getting Padma Shri in year 2008, a year before election year.

# Rajdeep Sardesai getting Padma Shri in 2007.

# Shobhana Bhartia getting Padma Shri in 2005 as soon as UPA came to power. That too for journalism though she is just a Businesswoman owning Hindustan Times Group.

So the point is made. But one thing is for sure even these self-proclaimed giants of news in India cannot predict the result this time. After 2004 the Janta has cracked its whip at opportune time: It brought back Delhi, Gujrat and MP govt. on development plank, it ousted Lallu from Bihar, it defeated JMM CM in by-election, it bought BJP to power for the first time in Southern state, It pressured the govt. to sack an incompetent Home Minister and CM . So writing on the wall says louD – BE READY TO BE SURPRISED. Also indications are to this effect. I was talking to a policeman who made an interesting observation that votes are split between SP and BSP in UP. How does he know. He says the voters who are illiterate vote for either the BSP or SP in UP. This time they can see ink pad marks on EVM’s and understand that there is wide split. And who will gain by this split time will only tell.

Before ending a short take – in  Meerut Lok Sabha constituency Mayawati came the other day to campaign for her candidate. Now this candidate is a businessman and have put out his soul and pocket (!) in the election for over a year now. Definitely he wants to win. His brother is a siting MLA and minister in UP Assembly. He is invited for a speech in the rally – his words were limited (like his work for his constituency or his community – look and think what he said – Bhaiyon aur beheno…behenji (mayawati) ki kripa se aapne mujhe jitaya aur meri naukri lag gayi (…mein minister ban gaya), ab aap mere bhai ko jita kar isski bhi naukri lagwa dein  – (to cry or to laugh!).  And media did not report it. It may be because they dont’ dare say anything negative for a ‘client’ who have doled out crores. But the PUBLIC is listening. Get ready for May’16.