Cricket is a game of Chance. You win some, you loose some. In IPL you cheer for every win and you regret every loss. Afterall National and not regionalism drives us mainly. But yesterdays’ humiliating loss of Kolkatta Knight Riders was the most happiest result of the IPL2. Shahrukh Khan’s KKR have humiliated DADA-Saurav Ganguly. Saurav under whose leadrship Indian Cricket found its aggression was ‘rid-off’ the KKR’s captaincy and a novice made-up foor the Captain. Earlier SRK got into wrong shoes after his ‘cricket passion talk’ with Sunil M. Gavaskar. He is reported to have apologised after it boomeranged on him. So yestrdays’ loss and SRK’s resulting frustration was an occassion to be cherished. Why so!!!?

SRK walked into the ‘aussi boobby trap’ . He did a la-Chappel to DADA and did he forget the fate of the former coach after that. Or he bad patch the Indian cricket team had after that. SRK most easily mixed His movies with Cricket. Movies are Directed by trained personnels and you can create hype u want, as u want. The media looks to glamour for selling itself. THY media will not hesitate to say that Billo Barber is a great movies, whatever be its Box Office fate. But in cricket real emotions are involved. And Mr SRK you have betrayed us, humiliated us on this count.

Heartning to see them defetaed by Deccan Chargers who stood last in IPL 1. Let many more embarassments come to SRK’s KKR…