AKAAP- the trap of internal conflicts & External anger

As a hassled Nation rallied around Team Anna, there was Hope. Because finally the Nation, it’s Youth, its educated, was speaking in one voice. There was now a pressure group that shall instil fear in the system that is seen to have disowned the very public it was meant to serve. Suddenly Aam Aadmi was the central point in all the discussions and scheme of things. It was Indias’ Revolution.

We saw a definite change in discourse in the country. Corruption will not be tolerated. And if you are caught you will be blemished for life. The movement for people’s good has started. Baba Ramdev who was also fighting his battle of propriety also furthered the cause that envisions the good for Nation. The empowerment was starting. There were differences in various groups, politics but the goal was more or less same. Get the cancer of Administrative and political apathy out of the system.

But…the movement received a jolt when Team Anna broke due to a faction led by Mr Arvind Kejriwal, taking political route. The pressure group had weakened. AAP- Aam Admi Party was formed. It will rough it out and the decision to go political was justified by AK as that to fight from within the system as the Andolans’ are leading to nowhere. This very premise was wrong. The Andolans’ have given voice to the public, galvanised the different sections of the society to common goal, Nationalism was becoming the way of life.

The political AAP started focussing on Delhi- bijli, paani, corruption. They were then rewarded with enthusiastic response in Delhi. They were given the power to govern. They were finally given chance to help improve life of the aam admi. Arvind Kejriwal got tremendous good will and opportunity. Both the principal National Parties, the Congress and the BJP, were reluctant and fearful to hit him.  AAP was keenly watched. The popularity of Kejriwal and AAP grew beyond Delhi. With this started the ‘u-turn’ which has now become synonymous with Mr Kejriwal. The AAP core committee became so myopic with the vast support and acceptance that it started believing that they will get a free run in governance and that Lok Sabha will now be offered to them on platter. People from diverse backgrounds started joining AAP and soon it was clear that these people have personal agendas and prejudices and were opportunistic who would also have preferred Congress if it was not a sinking ship. A Halo was created around AAP. AAP also got all the good press, motivated or not is a different question!

But when in governance you have to govern, when you give good governance you start making difference to lives. It’s an instant phenomenon. Governance cannot thrive on gimmickry as governance is accountability. When the time came from rhetoric to deliverance AAP have flopped.  It has drowned itself in its own burden of expectations. It tried to do too much without any mechanism.  Electricity and Water bills and availability is a sham and commitments are hollow. The people realise the folly. The AAP government should be given time also on this issue, no doubt.  But its intentions must remain honest. People do need immediate relief.  Be it fighting the cold, Nursery and School admissions, health services improvement, security. The Delhi Cabinet instead gave ideas of reservations for Delhi students, mob mentality in tackling issues as were evident in Somnath Bharti and Rakhi Birla cases. Binny is another sore point that points to lack of internal democracy like that of Mayawatis’ BSP or the Samajwadi Party.

As media changed its tack, and started analysing the working Aam Aadmi Party faltered. Superman is a fiction, here now we have a government which wishes to be super-cabinet. Nothing wrong. But from this super-cabinet and super-party discipline is missing, honest, down to approach thrust is missing. This party is seen arrogant. Issues are being taken up just to get good press.

Lets keep aside all the personal agendas of the AAP members, be it Kashmir, Naxalism, anti-Modi, anti-pro FDI ! The Chief Ministers’ dharna against the Home Ministry was a new low. Leave the language, pardon him for slur on the police and politicians of other political parties, in anger we do miss. But have we seen Anna Hazare using irresponsible languages, Kiran Bedi using irresponsible words! He is a CM, people looking at him. And Dharna for what issue! Transfer of police men to satisfy egos. There are other ways and time frames to do administrative and constitutional things. Mr Khas CM wanted to jump to the last resort , so soon. He denounce Republic Day. Is it a Governments’ Republic Day… Are not brave soldiers honoured on this Day… Are not brave Children honoured on this Day… Are not we get a pride of being a country with huge Defence might and Are not the State tableaux shows that we are moving towards a goal of Nation empowerment together? You want people of the Nation to boycott it? He created another nauseating flutter when he ‘Retweeted’ a bad tweet in which the Nation is figured to be pressed between a moron and murderer, clearly referring to RaGa & NaMo! So low mentality. You do not salute Flag, you do not stand in National Anthem, and then you have the tepidity to propagate that the Real Aam Admi is so fool that he is torn between two devils! C’mmon Mr Khas CM, we shall see you in time to come. You want to become Gandhi, then there also must be some lurking Godse for you.

Mr Khas C.M. have damaged Delhi’s psyche. The Nation cannot be governed by hollow imaginaries. AAP have been given opportunity to govern, change peoples’ life for good. Dont’ fizzle out so soon that we will then have a hard time to believe that we can have leaders as role models who have the will and guts and ability to change the Nations’ stature!

Government is not entertainment.