“A few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century…”says Swami Vivekananda. And he singularly change the way the world perceives us, the Indians.

India is at cross-roads and seeing some turbulent times… entrenched in the vortex of corruption and terrorism. Reign of anarchy is quite visible. Purpose of life and life of purpose is missing. One man today have mobilised the denizens of this Nation to start thinking for the Nation. The septuagenarian Anna Hazare is the chosen one to lead by example. Anna has unleashed a ‘youth’ rising to change the course the way the country functions. Thus making Swami Vivekananda’s vision and intellect all the more relevant today.

Swami Vivekananda had a short and cramped life of 39 years (1863-1902). But he made these years meaningful and served the humanity and the religion. He gracefully mixed religion with science. Accepting an opportunity to represent Hinduism at Chicago’s Parliament of Religions in 1893, Vivekananda won instant celebrity in America and a ready forum for his spiritual teaching. He tried to break the barriers across religions and societies. He had a vision to organise religion into a force of development, for upliftment of the society. “If the priests of China and India were organized, there is an enormous amount of potential energy that could be used for regeneration of society and humanity. I endeavoured to organize it in India but failed for lack of money. It may be I shall get the help I want in America. I came here to seek help for my impoverished people and I fully realized how difficult it was to get help for heathens from Christians in a Christian land. I have heard so much of this land of freedom, of liberty and freedom of thought, that I am not discouraged…” he exclaimed in that Conference of Religions in 1892.

Swami Vivekananda changed the way the world looked at India and Hinduism. An excerpt from his lecture specifies this point. In his oration Vivekananda highlights the role of Vedas in Hinduism- The Hindus have received their religion through revelation, the Vedas. They hold that the Vedas are without beginning and without end. It may sound ludicrous to this audience, how a book can be without beginning or end. But by the Vedas no books are meant. They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times. Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery, and would exist if all humanity forgot it, so is it with the laws that govern the spiritual world. The moral, ethical, and spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits and the Father of all spirits, were there before their discovery, and would remain even if we forgot them

God needs good people. He took Vivekananda away so young. Vivekananda symbolised the Youth Power. Vivekananda symbolised Humanity.