My 3 yr old Son says ‘ Papa, Anna is fighting for Us…’

the so called ‘intellectual’ class (including politicos) , are mesmerized how they not get soooo much support as Anna…how come media started following Anna and no one is following them! How lacs have gathered around the movement throughout India.


Surely it might be claimed that they are on Anna-board because of ‘to-be in media craze’ but genuine love and support for Anna cannot be defied or defined by a logic… These intellectuals and politicians are seeing their fiefdom in trouble and would throw any logic around to distract and dilute the support for Anna…



The government is waiting for opportunity to break the revolution. They are trying every combination. The movement is Anti Dalit then came it is Anti Muslim. Then came it is media-generated. They called Anna- army deserter. They said Anna is steep in corruption from head to toe. They brought some Aruna Roy who wants her share in the publicity.


The media has the duty to inform of the happenings which they are doing. They cannot abstain themselves from the mood of the Nation. Surely their are some TV channels which are toeing the govt. line in their coverage but its their perogative. But they also cannot ignore the REVOLUTION.