A VICTIM OF HIS OWN EXPECTATIONS– a Reliance Communication top executive dies of heart failure

As Anurag Singh is laid to rest, he is free from the stress of expectations. He is free from being one of a bonded henchman of His enterprising BOSS. He is free because He is dead. He was 40.

Working hard to retain his position of Circle Head in Meerut office of Reliance CommunicationsAnurag always held his professional life over and above his family. On 13th Aug’2011, Raksha-Bandhan, He was having a tele-conference reporting with His Boss. There were stinging arguments with regard to targets and planning and so on. Anurag was left aghast and out of breath. The meeting was over. Other executive got on with their life, going home to tie rakhis. Suddenly he collapsed. Those around thought that it’s some sort of gastric pain. He was rushed to the hospital. Within 2 hours His heart gave up of the distress. He is dead. He is survived by a 6 yr. old son and a wife. And an old mother!

I have not met Anurag before. But as I gather the happenings it is stirring me. It is stinging me. His wife wail seems to say that she was telling Him to leave this pressure cooker job. She was clear in her mind that Reliance Communications have left their son a destitute. It is hurting me and as I write, ‘am in abyss of chaotic mind’.

Are we not in the same pool, in the same situation? Are we not being victim of over-excercised expectations? Are we not being analysed on the basis of mathematic figures that seldom has ‘How to’ answers? We are being made victim of our own abilities. We work hard; we think hard, we manage to achieve milestones! Then this is made as part of our regular jobs and another round of ‘growth’ is expected. Somewhere things will come to grinding halt. Like for Anurag, it will be for us!

Corporates in their mission to make happy their investors & financial analysts are losing the ‘human’ angle and talents are becoming victims of their own expectations…leaving behind families & friends…and as my 2 colleagues resign from their services I am not in a position to pursue them to continue…!!!