When Anna Hazare sat on Fast in support of Lok Pal Bill in India, we the citizens were overwhelmed with HOPE !!! The pressure on the ruling party led them to bow to the pressure, atleast pretend to do so!

But soon its intentions were visible. Civil Society members were specifically targeted. Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, Justice Hegde were subjected to public trial by the govt. All efforts were to divide the Civil Society. But this govt. manipulations were thwarted by the vigilant media, members and the public.

Then Baba Ramdev sat on fast against black money issue majorly. An issue that he has been raising for past couple of years with Bharat Swabhimaan Trust. Things turned skeptical when Govt. courted the Baba. Some secret arrangements between both parties was visible. But the Nation was expecting that atleast some positive would come out. All hopes were belied when the ‘ruling goondas’ swooped on peaceful protesters.

And WE are subjected to regular humiliations thereon…

WE were subjected to brutal assault from the Police surely at behest of political masters. Some of US are still battling for life. Congress spokesperson calls Baba thug. This Baba has reduced pain and suffering of many of us. This spokesperson again humiliates when he comments on leader of opposition dancing at the satyagrah at Rajghat. Trivilising a lady when he himself ruled by a Lady.

Anna again sits on Fast today with solid support from a united country. Perhaps the countdown to doom for the govt has begin. We pray this to be the case. For we can no longer be embarrassed and humiliated.