The last time we felt agitated was 26/11 Mumbai attacks. When we were fighting handful of mercenaries, who stuck us up for 3 days.

That was an attack on Nation India. That was a repulsion moment. 

The next time mind was agitated by the Anna movement. Again the Nation was agitated. But this was an agitation of HOPE.

We saw that successful people have come forward to protect us from the barge of corruption in the form of Civil Society. No matter the hiccups we were in right direction.

Last night the mind agitated with SHAME. Our leaders have become so power-alcoholic, so lustful-impatient that they audaciously destroy the right to peaceful protest. This is the uneasiness.

humiliated in ONES' OWN LAND

We have no hope from Digvijay Singh/Kapil Sibbal type politicians. Manmohan Singh is again absent from the scene (will cry again when he appears!). So is Rahul Gandhi. Why he suddenly disappears at crucial moments!

Uneasiness is that we can allow Geelani type elements to stage their anti-India sentiments in Delhi. But we bar our ‘BABA’ from entering Delhi. We are polite with OSAMAji and aristocratically claim the Baba is thug! Congress is finding support in Lalu Yadav who gives further gimmickery to this ‘jokers in government’- chor chor mausere bhai !!!

Then the News Media. It started with reporting fact. And then suddenly the reporting angle changed. May be due to the strong arm of government. They began highlighting ‘Baba Breaking’, ‘ulte paaon lauta Baba’, ‘aurton mein chupe Baba’…This is the uneasiness.

Have not felt Emergency days. But now realise what would have happened. Sane voices would have been throttled. Citizens would have been humiliated. Showing off power would have been the norm. This is happening under  UPA II !!!

We adore Swami Ramdev. He is not a politician surely. We love him for he helped us get rid of our pains our ailments. We dont’ care of his political ambitions. In this democratic(sic!) country every one has the right to have political ambitions and inclinations. What issues he raised concerns us (not US, for if it has been concerning United States then Manmohan Singh would have agreed to it !).

Hope not to get rid of this uneasiness unless ray of HOPEis seen.. .. ..