Dear Mr Singh

See. Look.

How a man, maybe about 10-15 year younger than yourself have mobilised the Nation behind himself for a cause that has affected almost everyone {a smaller percentage in a positive way, like the likes of Kalmadi, Raja and brigade}…

When we gave you your second term about 3 yr back we expected this from You.

And how badly you have let us down. And you are not repentant even! Everything conspired under you and you feign ignorance and helplessness. At least the least you could have done was to step down. But seem you are too immersed in the game called power.It is quite clear from your conduct in this second term that a trait you have acquired (or may be it was hidden for most part) is SHAMELESSNESS. Imagine the magnitude of scams in CWG, 2 G. Imagine your escapades with CVC ex. Imagine the trail of black money that may lead up to your mentors. Imagine your coterie of Ministers fulfilling their agenda with the wield of power, having

truly a SHAMELESS cartoon

total disregard to the denizens anxieties. Sham full. Shame full.


With Anna Hazare’s initiative we the citizens have a voice to raise our concern. And you are here again with your disappearing act. Speech less and again Shame less. The first thing you should do is to resign, people will forgive you for your age and mazbooris.

The IPL has started. And its The Indian Prestige League. And you are the leader of all culprits. At least have some SHAME.

yours’ truly