Does ‘writing’ still create revolution?

I doubt! “Writing’ used to impact society. Newspapers, autobiographies, fictional & non-fictional used to influence the minds.

With advent of communication revolution, internet and blogging tools it was felt that ‘power of writing’ will get more steam. And it indeed did. But things now seem to be fizzling away.

And media is to be blamed surely for this sorry state of affairs. Journo’s killed their profession. They no longer see an issue as ‘society-impacting’ but in terms of incentives linked in raising it. Officials of various public and private enterprises no longer fear the newspapers. Even the honest ones know the motivation of journo behind particular news. Similarly their superiors also now ignore the news. And hence an issue is lost. The gullible public till now respects the medium of news for information. But here also ‘over-sensationalism’ has diluted the trust factor.

And let’s not blame the electronic media alone for it. The flattened ego of the fraternity is the reason of these debacles. The appetite of worldly pleasures has increased to such levels bordering to greed. And it shows in ‘Writing’…

Journalism is a Mission. Journalists are the ones who mirror the society, who wake up lost souls. Let better, educated (not literate) persons join the profession.

They have to get out of ‘Manufacturing-News ‘ drome!!!