Government ki Jai-Ho!!!

Can we guess any organization that is 100% correct? The bottom line is however hard to digest, an organization cannot survive and compete if it is to follow all government mechanisms! If the Government Officer becomes vindictive towards your organization you shall have to bend backward in order to survive.

This is what is happening to IPL and Mr. Lalit Modi. Modi started an industry IPL. Hugely successful. IPL bought about innovative avenues for revenue generation. Franchisees are happy. Cricketers are happy. Advertisers are happy. Viewers are happy.
Suddenly government becomes unhappy!

After thoo-thoo on Tharoorgate its time for pay back. Use all your departments – IT, excise etc etc., animal welfare, cheer-leader welfare etc etc. on Modi and create conditions for his removal. And what Modi did was his duty.

What if after 2 years it came to light that Tharoor had taken bribe in Kochi Franchisee. Then all guns would be on Modi for being partner in the crime. He blew the lid off Tharoor. Modi did no wrong and if you want to find fault you can find it in everything that Modi did. Modi has sacrificed his stature to call off Tharoor’s bluff.

Modi needs every cricket lovers support.