An ‘Elephentine’ problem

‘Shera’, the Elephant, is in pain. And in all possibility ‘his’ death seems to be the only solution of his miseries. The callous authorities are rubbing-in the wounds.

The story goes like this. A high profile marriage of an influential ruling party leader takes place in Meerut, uttar Pradesh.. Munkad Ali is from Mayawati’s BSP. So his daughter’s marriage shall have to be lavish and stylish with garish display of wealth and power. With blatant disregard to animal laws several elephants were brought in. And they lived in pathetic conditions. They were kept hungry for whole day. And it has to happen. And it happened. Shera, one of the Elephants went berserk. In ‘his’ anger it broke whatever came in its way. Over 50 cars were damaged. Authorities, to tone down the incident, cleared the debris with so much hurry that it is unlike their natural ways!

Shera, roamed on the National Highway. Luckily no human casualty took place. But shera is in danger. Till the moment he was chained and brought under control more than 24 hrs have passed. Imagine if we take so much time to control a domesticated animal what will happen if an enemy attacks us!

Now Shera is in chains, tied to a tree. He gets impulsive after a bout of pain. And no sympathy is in sight for him.

Does anyone listen to the trumpet of pain!