The Importance of Pressure

We need a relaxed life. And relaxed life means a life without pressure.
Is it so (?) or (!)
Pressure is the driving force that makes our life well-lived. Pressure is the necessary evil that paves the way for future enrichments!
Imagining life without pressure is frightening… no target, no focus and hence no outcome. Zero or low results.
Same is true in personal life and truer in Professional one.
Personal pressures are not desired and come as it comes. What is important is Professional pressure.
This professional pressure enhances our capability to out-perform and to give un-anticipated results. It may in some context look dangerous to take hefty targets but in long run these are building blocks.
Heard ‘aa bail mujhe maar’. Invite Pressure. And enjoy it.
I am keeping it short. Since am in Pressure…like, to be back on blog ….