Pre-review: Striker

Release Date – 5th Feb’2010

Striker is build-up as a crime film. But the association of the title ‘Striker’ with game of carom mars the usual ‘underworld-action’ generated curiosity. May be story relates to underworld, betting and sharp-shooter i.e an innocent victim picks up the gun to avenge his loss.

Now to expect something from Striker would be too much optimism. The Director Chandan Arora has been editor to may of Ram Gopal Verma flicks which include Company, Jungle, Mast etc etc. He started his directorial venture with RGV style movies remember Mein, Meri Patni aur Woh & Mein Madhuri Dixit Banana Chahti Hoon. Now RGV style underworld caper – Striker. may not click. People will wait for MNIK releasing on 12th Feb’2010. Which also, till date, incidentally failing to emotionally connect with the audience. Couple of songs are good. Particularly the promo album song Bombay Bombay (see video below). Atleast it has the capacity to give fodder to Shiv Sens-MNS who desperately look out for publicity materials!


My verdict – Striker may do average business.


Pre-review follow-up

I am not at all delighted to boast that I was right. While all the 3 films, Ishqiya, Rann and Road to Sangam, did gather good reviews but the B.O. fate has been different. Ishqiya is a hit. Rann unfortunately flops and R2S a non-starter. Too much hype, too much BigB, has again marred the BO prospects of a good film.