Ishqiya leads the race, Rann too hyped, R2S for awards only

There was a status message on Facebook by well respected film journalist Ajay Brahmatmaj, as to what will our preference regarding these 3 films? and lol! most said Ishqiya. And that’s the case.

Ishqiya- is very well marketed rustic movie. Good catchy dialogues, songs, rustic feel, bimbo Vidya and enormously talented Nasiruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. Script looks powerful. Sure shot success. Vishal Bharadwaj is the Producer so expectations will take audience to cinema hall. First universal Hit of 2010.

Rann– This RGV movie is about media. So its talked about much. But too much hype generally pushes audience to other movie. Look what happened to Jail (2009). Rann by default has been projected as film for the media and of the media. So my analysis say that only person attach to media (mews editorial) shall be watching it (may be for free, as RGV plans to give free screening for the journo’s nation wide). Movie would be good. But Box Office for it would be cold.

Road to Sangam – Paresh Rawal is in the film. Low on publicity the film is made for the award circuit. My get a release in Metros. No comment on the merit of the film as awareness is low. Would be non-starter at B.O.


VEER, released on 22 Jan’2010 got disastrous reviews but it has managed to hold well throughout India. This week Ishqiya has been certified as Adults A censor and Rann low on expectation may see VEER doing well again over second weekend in multiplex circuit also…