A morally ‘down’ Nation by its own deed

In 1947 we got elevation from slavery. In 1950 we became a Republic. Inspite of all accomplishments and progress during the past 6 decades why do we citizens feel embarrassed! May be because we are ignoring too much! We feel we, as an individual, are immune of the various crisis the Nation faces. But these are potential face-loss for the country.And hence for us. Take some points:

  • Indians facing Aussie racism. Why not other Nationalities! Somehow we became to over-confident in a different country!
  • With what face we criticise Australian, when we are not able to contain the same in our economic-lifeline Mumbai. A couple of goons have put Nation on hold and on brink.
  • The politics is ugly and look what it is now doing to cyberabd- The Telengana fire fueled by the ruling Congress Party.
  • Acute infrastructural crisis be it power, roads, transportation. I rarely know a project which is on schedule or whose cost has not increased from the time estimates were made.
  • National game Hockey is in crisis and we see by doling out cheques the malaise can be undone. And this with World Cup Hockey round the corner. This is what the world think of us!
  • An Olympic gold medalist coerce to bow down to authorities. What a sham!
  • Price rise forcing families to the brink . Essential commodities are beyond reach, education is costly, pressures are leading to suicides.
  • We have film stars who highlight their religion to get publicity for their films. Remember SRK and Imraan Hashmi episode.
  • A nation like Pakistan unitedly lashes out at us over IPL snub. But we speak in different voices on the issue. SRK, Home Minister, the franchisees have spoken in different voices.
  • Dr RK Pachauri and his role in IPCC is under cloud over ‘glaciergate’, ‘amazongate’ and his refusal to quit. All very embarrasing for the country even when its Environmental Minister criticizes his work.
  • Shashi Tharoor-we do not know whether he is doing anything except tweeting or thinking of things to tweet.
  • We put Pak Air Force chief on our advt. with our PM and then have the guts to say ‘see the message’
  • We have an agiculture minister who has the ability to inflate prices with one sentence to the media!
  • We are surrounded by belligerent neighbours. Developed one see us as huge market for their products. We seem to be alone and isolated. Political leadership is in its own dreamland.

The list is long…and increases with each passing day. These things happen because WE the citizens are unconcerned. We are happy to see the Republic Day Parade with weapons and tableau only. Real India is decaying. I really don’t know why I am feeling embarrassed. Because I feel that these are the points on which the world is judging us!!!