Released on 22nd Jan’2010

Pre-reviewed on 21 Jan’2010 (click here)

For long we have seen the trend that movies are either liked or disliked, and their opening weekend clearly states where it stand. Seldom do we see such difference of opinions as happens in VEER. Last year it was Kambakhatt Ishq.

First the negative point. VEER do look overstretched towards the climax. The father-son duel is unnecessary and too long. This is the only sore part where one can feel bored.

Now good points. Soothing music, rich photography, thumping action, good performances and a story to tell. The film is made in Gadar-ek prem katha mould, meaning mixture of patriotism and romance. With Bollywood, logic has to be compromised, not everything is logic. (Was the child-birth scene in 3 Idiots logic!) Songs gel well with the script and take story forward. The film have managed to hold well throughout the Hindi belt. Multiplexes have seen low opening due to highly negative reviews of the english media, and others take pride in one-upmanship as the Director is Anil Sharma(whose favourite is raw Dharmendra, Sunny) and not some Jo’s and Cho’s.. Now these ‘elite’ media are of the opinion that VEER has good opening because of Salman Khan! And rightly so, he is the USP of VEER but wasn’t he also in Mr and Mrs Khanna, Hello etc etc. They were dud openers at the B.O.

So VEER is fighting to survive the ‘multiplex’ critics. Fingers crossed for it. It had flaws but I am ready to ignore them for the film is enchanting in most parts.

Go for VEER…