Atleast the trend has started

I have never ever visited Pakistan. But I love Pakistan. The same is with Mumbai. I have never lived in Mumbai but love it!

I get a media generated perception of the two. Pakistan & Mumbai. Few years back I abhored Pakistan. Seeing it as an enemy state on look-out for damaging us with Wars and terror tactics. But as I got maturer and more people to people contact started my perception changed…I now consider Pakistan as a state battered by its internal conflicts but a state rich in its cultural heritage, rich in traditions, rich in music and rich in intellectuals. They share similar passions as us the Indians. They love their sports, they love Bollywood. So my belief is that they love Indians too.

So why is Mumbai turning into Pakistan! Its the same reason that have shattered Pakistan! Dirty politics…

Mumbai was once a dream city. We were proud of Mumbai. Everyone dreamt of Mumbai as ‘city of Hope’. Bollywood was the lifeline of entertainment. Corporate culture from Mumbai percolated to other Metros and spread throughout the country. But…like in Pakistan, the ethnic cleansing in Mumbai have begun. Talk to ‘outsiders’ their and they will agree to the insecurity they face in their own country.

The politicians their have ‘killed’ the spirit of Mumbai. Like the Taliban, we have Thackrey’s – first Bala Saheb and then this Raj! Like Taliban, the Shiv Sena appealed to country on Nationalistic/religious lines and were supported by the masses. Then suddenly due to infighting and empty hollow appeals let the people towards issues of better living. Then came the issue of ‘Marathi manooos’ and then the decline began.

Like US used Taliban and now paying huge price for it, the Congress Party in India tacitly supported Raj’s MNS Party. They remain quiet on his goonda gardi. Now this Raj Hood is surely going to divide the Nation. Our strong legal system(!), robust democracy(!) is not able to contain a goon which is threatning to tear of our ‘unity in diversity’ spirit.

The whole truth boils on to the fact that WE have become helpless. The Pakistanisation of Mumbai have started. After some time Mumbai is bound to see violence like in Pakistan. Not from external terrorists but from these goondas’. Because when this regionalism issues will not convert to power they will have to do something for living. The real Hindu terrorism will start then. And we Indians will bear its burnt.

Wake up India!!!