Veer – Release Date 22 Jan’2010

Previously I used to Pre-review several movies at a time. Criteria was movies whose marketing blitz have started. The follow-up of the pre-reviews, where I misjudged would then take place when all the movies have released. To take this concept forward would now give a Pre-review a day prior to movies release….the follow-up on pre-review will follow after the first weekend of the film. Fine!!!

This week its Salman Khan’s VEER

Its  the solo release this Friday,22 Jan’10.

Judging VEER by its cover, i.e. marketing, it looks a very serious film. Lush locations, sets, canvass,action sequences, stars everything in its favour. Huge investment have been made and is visible.The marketing have definitely build-up the tempo of the film. But to the credit of Producers and Salman nothing over-expected is expected from VEER. Recall last years’ CC2C which was undone by huge anticipation it generated.

The Salman star power is unmatched in Bollywood. His hard work and image make-over for VEER is evident. Zarine Khan is new, looks like Katrina and looks stunningly beautiful. Mithun Da is always respected on screen.

VEER is directed by the maker of Gadar-Ek Prem Katha‘ Anil Sharma. His capability to appeal to masses is never in doubt.  With this film he desires to get class-sympathy. This is only doubt that creeps in for VEER. In order to please all and make a sophisticated movie the hold on script may be lost which may ‘bore’ the audience. Prime example lavishly made DRONA(2009).

The story looks solid. Patriotic theme always attract and ‘touch’ masses. The strong point is the soooothing music by Sajid-Wajid duo. They are from Salman Khan’s camp and have given brilliant music for VEER. These have been choreographed beautifully. Indeed ‘seeing’ music alone on big screen is enough to give viewer their paisa’s worth.

Also after 3 Idiots no movie (including much hyped Chance Pe Dance, Pyaar Impossible)have clicked. Movie lover are hungry now. With no worthy entertainment in sight and biting cold outside, VEER is the warmth we the viewer’s needed. Amen!!!

My Take the gut feel says thatVEER has all the ingredients right to keep the audience enthralled. Atleast once the movie has to be seen. It will be a blockbuster OR a non-starter! Nothing in between!

So with no worthy entertainment in sight and biting cold outside VEER is the warmth we the viewer’s needed.