So the questions come, on my recent visit and meeting with Mr Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and my association with this allegedly controversial politician…I am surprised by this analysis and wonder what kind of people there are that would think of my visit in such adverse manner. .. I am going to meet the democratically elected member of a constituent assembly of the country as stipulated by the Constitution, because he is the power that shall grant those facilities. Mr Modi does not own Gujarat. Gujarat belongs to the country. Mr Modi is the elected member by the people, to run the State. Where else and how else do I seek exemption and from who ? Meeting Mr Modi does not make me, a confirmed apolitical person, a rightist. Neither does it make me an endorser of his alleged accusations. Let the courts and the system conclude or pass judgement on it. And, if I see wide 6 lane roads and development and greenery, what is the harm in acknowledging it… Ha ! Come on … guys … think of something more original !… If Mr Modi asks me to promote Tourism in his State, I would happily do it, because it promotes the State and thereby the country. I do not see any wrong in that…(for full text click here)

Mr Amitabh Bachchan has shut all flabbergasting mouths who doubt his secular credentials on association with Mr Narendra Modi (click here and here)

India is one !!!