Education on the Rocks – Causality is the QUALITY

The H.R.D. have recommended ‘de-recognition’ of 44 Deemed Universities out of 130 in India. Tamil Nadu is the worst hit with 16 of these. There are about 1,19,363 under-garduate students in these 44 black-listed Deemed-Universities.

To understand, Deemed Universities were formed under the UGC Act 1956 which stipulates that Institutions with brilliant record in imparting education and Research can be recognised as Deemed Universities. The Higher Education Cell of the HRD is authorised to give these recognition based on its guidelines. So from 30 Deemed Universities in 1990, the number rose to 130 in 2009. Of these 35 are in last 5 years only.

whom to trust?

So, a layman, a student and his parent,  finds the word University to be symbol of Quality education and strict government vigilance that these Institutions does not turn into purely commercial enterprises. After all Institutions like National School of Drama New Delhi, IIFT,IVRI Bareilly, NDRI Karnal etc (for full list click here)So what they get in return is ‘de-recognition’ and a big question-mark on their future pursuits…and are left to hear noises from HRD Minister that ‘future of these students will be ‘safe-guarded’!

Controversy regarding deemed universities throw-up several questions:

  • As The Indian Express reports 27 of these 44 blacklisted Universities were cleared during the last HRD Minister Arjun Singh’s tenure ! Clearly a scam of huge proportions is on the card.
  • Who are the responsible babudom who had role in creating Deemed Universities?
  • Students have every right to know ‘whom to trust?’
  • The PN Tandon committee that filed this report looks under duress of ‘something’ to condemn these Institutions. Already voices have started coming that the committee have not visited some of these blacklisted institutions and are contemplating challenging these findings in Supreme Court! Everyone know that Union MHRD dislike this concept of Deemed Universities…sigh!!!
  • Why only Deemed Universities are singled out for ‘quality check’? What about other Private Universities? Or for that matter quality of State Universities?
  • What about ‘quality’ of Engineering colleges opened like ‘kiryana shops’ by the AICTE, also under HRD?
  • On a personal level, I have watched from close quarters  Shobhit University, Meerut to be imparting ‘quality and visionary Education’ to the sudents…this coming into black-listed shocks me as I compare it with some other fully-fledged Private Universities!

This, clearly, is not a simple issue. If indeed these Institutions were below mark then responsibilities must be fixed. Till then Education will remain tool to mint money in the hands of our ‘poor’ politicians & babus !

here is a link for those parents and students who are confused! may get some information here!