Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2010

It is believed that bathing in ‘Ganges‘(Maa Ganga) during Kumbh helps to get rid of all past sins and a cure for all evils. As the Hindu mythology  goes that when gods and demons were churning the ocean to produceAmrit’, nectar that will ensure immortality, the Gods desired that this ‘amrit’ shall not fall into the hands of the demons. They put the ‘amrit’ in the kumbh (pitcher) and when chased by the demons they put the kumbhs at 4 places in Haridwar, Allahabad, Ujjain and Nasik. So this following known as Kumbh Mela is celebrated at each of these 4 places after every 12 years.

This will be the world’s largest riligious and spiritual congregation. It is generally believed that taking bath during the Kumbha leads to Purity and Prosperity. By taking holy dip in Ganges one gets out of the riddle of life and death. It is believed that taking dip in the Kumbh region you get rid of various ailments. The reason being that during this period electro-magnetic radiations from Sun, Moon and other planets congregate on River Ganges.

a congregation bigger than this will happen only after 12 years i.e. in the next Kumbh

This time Haridwar is all set for Kumbh Mela 2010 which begins today, 14th Jan’ with Makar Sakranti snan(bath). Massive efforts have been pitched in by the Uttarakhand state government with solid support from the Uttar Pradesh government. Almost 90% of the visitors in this Kumbh in Haridwar will pass through Uttar Pradesh.

Take the logistics. The Kumbh starts fro 14 Jan’10 and will culminate on 28th Apr’10 with Vaishakh Adhimaas Purnima snan. Over 50 million visitors are expected to come for holi dip. Previously in 1986 MahaKumbh the number of devotees were over 17 million which went upto 30 million in 1998 Mahakumbh. The cost of all arrangements this time have run into 545 crores (113 million USD), but estimated business that will be done in this Mahakumbha will cross Rs 600 crores(125 million USD)!

Take a dip!!!