Suddenly ‘but’ comes again…

I am a CM. Yes NarendraBhai Modi have defined CM as a Common Man. I dream. I dream to weave magic on Cinema. I dream to live by Cinema.But….yeas ‘but…’ has a huge role to play in CM’s life. The pressure of career, earning 5 figure salary, then trying for a 6 figure one…and so on. Earning for position and then fighting to hold the one I have-thanks to the economic recession pressures.

The Blogosphere enabled me to get closer to my ‘world’. Suddenly about a couple of year ago I get a call from The Film Factory office. I am told RGV wants to meet me. I asked why? They said just a discussion! The CM in me comes alive and I said will I get DA and TA to compensate expenses I will take to meet RGV? Recession running high and with a dud Sholay remake behind them, they said that they will clarify on this and would call back. I thought it must be a prank. But they called back! And said that TA will not be given but RGV will be in Delhi so I can meet him on this place at this time. I said oki…its manageable!

On the D-day I went to meet RGV. I was Xcited. After all meeting RGV is a huge privilage for any CM. RGV is a person who is worthy enough to go on a terror-tourism with the Maha CM. I prepared a script in my mind to speak to RGV when we shall meet. Afterall I have to maintain dignity of CM. I greeted RGV- Sir, its pleasure meeting you…I lllluv you err your films….I even loved u’r NAACH but I abhored your AAg! And as I predicted RGV was impressed……….

RGV found this CM representative to be straight-forward like his films….a two line story spread in 2 hours with no dialogue and all conversation through two eyes! He wanted me to direct a film for Him. He said” I should make the film with new star-cast. And since I am a fresher to this art of film-making I should first make a half-hour capsule of the chosen script”. I agreed. Prepared a script taking time off my duties.

The script has to be good, I thought. What about a story about a journalist turned Media tycoon, owner of newspaper and TV channels. Concept was good. RGV approved it first hand. Then I developed a story. A struggler journalist with strong ethics, with his creativity and honesty inspires a business tycoon to take him at the helm of media industry. Suddenly he gets opportunity to make one BIG compromise (no I am not inspired from any sting operation involving MP’s etc) in lieu of huge amount. What should he do….? and what will be the hang-over of this one act? How the episode changes his life for better or for worse? WIll he be able to preach sermons on ‘selling of media’?. RGV was Xcited.. He may have thought you save on heroine amount too with this story. I consulted him to help me in developing a story. He said that he will soon revert.

And suddenly I saw Amitabh Bachchan playing tycoon in Rann. The RGV team made media look foolish when Big B anchored a year end program on Star News. No doubt RGV thinks differently. Ask Bollywood people when they got a New Year message from RGV saying” He will not wish them Happy New Year”…But…but again….

But again…..I was supposed to direct Rannn,  should get credit for Rann. I realise how Chetan Bhagat must be feeling now!But…But…

The dream shatters, eyes open…..I am just a CM…!!!