No-one can remain untouched by this case

The past few days were torturous. Sleep eluded me. Thoughts, weeps, silence overpowered me. That ‘wretched’ smile haunted me! Ruchika’s case have stirred the ‘sleeping’ Nations’ conscience.

the smile that 'pricked' the Nation

The Ruchika Case highlights that how the laws, constitutional propriety suddenly becomes flexible when a powerful gets tangled! How a child can suddenly finds herself in between sharks and hyena’s of the society! How a child is ‘raped’ by the system after her complaint of molestation! How a family is dumped and ruined to show poweress! How so called ”temple of education’ (Sacred Heart School Chandigarh in this case)become partner in Crime!

The Ruchika Case also offers some positives for the society. How a resilient family stood by its daughter in times of her distress! Father faced inquiry and have to quit his service, brother Ashoo faced 11 criminal ‘framed-up’ charges, oiiiii!!!Example of friendship shown by Ruchika’s friend Anuradha who did not let matter to die! The will-power and support given to Anuradha by her parents and later by her husband!Media finally improving its image by coming out of its ‘breaking news’ mentality and taking up the cause!

This spirit of Anuradha have led to case getting attention after 19 years. Its been sixteen years since Ruchika committed suicide and when trial ends this ‘Rathore’ comes out with his wry smile mocking us. Serious time to set example. As SPS Rathore tries for anticipatory bail lets put pressure on those in power who ‘serviced’ Rathore and not the society. Let those who tried to implicate Ruchika’s brother be exposed! Lets put pressure on the school that terminated Ruchika to fix responsibilty and tell to all the circumstances which led to her restication. The CBI, the Judiciary are all party to Rathore’s misdeed. Let everything come out in OPEN.

Let us know how many Sports’ Authorities have Babus at their helm. Let their be a platform where aggrieved persons can register their complaint against any sort of harassment. Let not any other child die like RUCHIKA and let not any criminal come out smiling like RATHORE…

and last few lines for SPS Rathore’s lawyer wife

रुख़ हवाओं का भी देख ए आग जलाने वाले,
कोई चिंगारी ना उड़ के तेरे घर तक पहुंचे…..