• SHATTERED DREAM 2009MAYAWATI while there may be ‘shattered dreams’ aplenty, some private-some personal, the Biggest Dream SHattered was of Madam’ MAYAWATI. She was confident of being the first non-Congress lady P.M. Hers dreams were brutally shattered.
  • HOWLER SILENCED 2009RENUKA CHAUDHARY – she lost elections in her constituency. During her tenure as Union Minister of State for Women and Child Development she was a rabble rouser. Shouting, shouting but doing nothing. She even tried to ignite a Pub-Bharo Andolan on Valentine’s Day to show women powre. Howzttt!Was effectively silenced. the image at:
  • SURPRISE LOSER 2009MULAYAM SINGH YADAV – the ‘bahu’ of Mulayam Singh Yadav lost  a bypoll in his backyard Firozabad constituency to arch rival Raj Babbar by huge margin of 85000 votes! Interestingly the seat was vacated by his son Akhilesh Yadav. Face loss for former Defence Minister of India.

incidentally the first three enteries involve ladies. Nothing deliberate. Enough of politics!

  • MONEY DUMPER 2009BLUE – This Bollywood extravaganza was an extravagant wash out. Its a guide for all film makers as ‘how not to make a film’. Director Anthony D’souza ropes in mega stars, approaches the Producers Shri AsthiVinayak and gets funding to the tune of 80-100 cr. The story-screenplay was secondary priority. With recession setting in and conservatism becoming the norm The Producers were not able to sell the movie and ultimately released it themselves on commission basis.
  • INNOCENT REQUEST 2009KASAB– wins the race hands down. This terrorist, lone survivor gunmen, of Mumbai 26/11 attacaks requests for biryanis and room freshners in trial room. Kasb looks more like a (cruel) joker somersaulting on his own words. We in India want to give him fair Trial. Why?
  • CRICKETER TURNED TURKEY 2009 ISHANT SHARMA – tHIS 6’4” lanky right arm fasty was touted by Steve Waugh as’ best thing to happen for Indian Cricket’. Look how this best thing has become nightmare for his team. Now even his good balls find    ropes in the boundry. Why he finds place in this list is not because of ‘loss of form’ but because of the ‘lack of attitude’!
  • NONSENSE DUO 2009Thackreys’ – No prize if you guessed it. No point either to waste time on them. This family is on decline.
  • MAGICIAN 2009N.D. Tiwari – for doing all ‘those’ stuff at this age. Cant’ elaborate, this is a family site!
  • Friend 2009 – INFLATION – It followed us where-ever we go. Am calling it a Friend because if you ‘cannot get rid of IT, befriend IT’. Maar-gayi Mehengayi…hai hai…
  • MOCKERY of DISGUISE 2009RANI MUKHERJEE – and you thought it was Rakhi Sawant! Rani in Dil Bole Hadippa wears a turban and people believes that she is actually He! Aah! so much of attack on sensibilities. Yash Raj ji and Adi Chopra rid us of your Assistants’ sensibilities!

oki, thanks for your patience, if its not already running out….i end with politics…

  • BREAK- dance of DEMOCRACY 2009Shibu SOren – becoming Jharkhand’s CM for third time. This year he lost an Assembly bypoll and as of turn of fortunes he is again the CM. Will fortunes turn for Jharkhand?more here

but the topper is

  • SMILE of 2009- SPS Rathore – This 68 yr old was about 48 twenty years ago when he tried to molest a 14 yr girl. Then took proud in making hell of her family when she complained. Abetted the suicide and Indian Constitution was tarred! Came out smiling when was given a 6 month sentence and got bail in ten minutes. How efficient the system suddenly becomes!