Pravesh Rana insulted for being a ‘common man’

So we have entered final week. Grand finale is scheduled for 26th Dec’09. Big boss 3 with its antics have managed to hold public attention. It was a house full of gossips, romance, bitching and action. KRK aka Kamal Rashid Khan emerged as the Real Man and got public support which led Colors to bring him in the house again as a Guest. In his second turn he was a changed man and we loved him for that.

So 3 finalists – Poonam Dhillon, Vindu Dara Singh and Pravesh Rana. Poonam is a yesteryear star. Vindu considers himself a star on account of his father’s star status. Pravesh, although an  Mr India  2008, got into the show via a sms contest by the channel. His attitude have made him the finalist.

sms PRA @56882

What has pinched Pravesh Rana (as also million of viewers) is that other  two have teamed-up against him as they consider him a ‘common man’. Pravesh is angry, very angry and in that bout of anger have put all the eating items in the swimming pool of the house. He said -‘hum to doobein ge sanam, tumhe bhi bhookhe rahenge!’. The  cause of this anger is Vindu ‘indirectly threatning’ him that he should remain quite as otherwise his career in Bollywood will be in danger. And that Poonam and he(vindu) are doing him a favor by conversing with him. So in true ‘Meerut Jaat style’ he reciprocates with an outburst. Logical thinker in him made him to go to confession room and complain to Big Boss 3 of a ‘racist- type’ attitude of VIP contenders.

I reside in Meerut. But was neutral in my assessment of the contestants. This drama have hurt me. And I have started voting in ton for Pravesh Rana. Problem is that ‘my’ candidate seldom wins. So I appeal to my Indian readers to vote for the ‘common man’ Pravesh Rana. SMS PRA @ 56882 in tons…

Vindu needs a backlash…