Anil Kumble bumped into me!

Wow! feel the goose-bubbles when something unexpected happens…out of nowhere.

Along with my family was travelling on Indian Railways, in the middle of Rajasthan. Then came the station Sawai Madhopur, about 170 km N-E of Pink City Jaipur. The kid was ‘intimidating’ me to take him out for a stroll. I have no choice but to oblige him. So I got out of the coach and look …I found, who…Anil Kumble with his wife and huge luggage in front of me. I tried to remain calllllllmmmm. Or you can say I pretended to be calm…

Like most Indians, I am addicted to cricket and like most Indians I consider myself to be the best analyser of a cricket match. For me being one to one with Anil Kumble is a feeling that is beyond wordsmiths.

I checked the reservation Chart. No Anil Kumble. I thought that he must be somebody resemling the legend. And the former Indian Captain will not travel in the ‘cattle class’. Cattle class – 2 AC it was, a super-luxury for a middle class entity like me (they dont’ have 3 Tier AC coach in Dehradun Express, which is affordable!)but certainly ‘cattle-class’ for biggie-wiggies. Now he came to our coach becuase his reservation was in First A.C. which was not their on the Train and those tickets were converted to 2-AC-got-it. Also came to know that this situation of no 1 AC coach is prevalent for past one month and the Railways are still issuing tickets for the same. I thought, Thanks Railways, atleast one time your in-efficiency have lead to good results!

Ok. I get back in the coach. And sat on my berth and suddenly a gentleman came to me and said that seat 3 & 4 have been allotted to  Him. I looked up and hey….its AK standing before me, asking for the seat! I said, in very low tone, Sir I can give my life to you, but dont’ push me for the seat, its mine! Then I said  that Sir, your booking is in 1 AC coach please contact T.T. He agreed and sat near our berth. He with his wife looked tired and frustrated. Like Kumble bowling a last over in a one-day match with the opposition requiring 5 runs to win! Then came the T.T., he greeted him with ‘Hello-Mr Kumble!’ and took him to their births…

Euphoria was abound in the lucky coach. Passengers were in frantic mode calling -up their friends. I also sent out few sms’es to my dear ones. They should share my ascetic moment! Anil Kumble is handsome, and dashing, and has a classic-sophisticated look, that personofies his on-field character. I heard one aunty saying that she has seen this MAN somewhere! Okiii…He is aNNNil! Another one said that if he would have been Amitbh Bachan(not BACHCHAN she would have followed Him, but she dosn’t like kirkkket! “But SRK is the best ” she added.

A train-attendant came to take one of his big luggage. He was shoed-away and was told to convey the message to Anil K. that if he wants the luggage he has to oblige us with an autograph. He chuckled and took the message. Perhaps he was thinking ‘mein bhi autograph loonga’. Back came 2 attendants and requested us for the luggage. We obliged them. After sometime a passenger came with a autograph. We took photos of it through our mobile handsets.

Anil Kumble was obliged with whole cabin by the T.T. Anil deserves this. T.T later told us that Anil K. was very unhappy with the Indian Railways. But for once we passengers were happy…