Dr Manmohan Singh desperately wants a Nobel Prize for himself!

going for noble.....................

The present Congress government at the Centre seems confused. Confused by the expectations and exigencies of its constituents. Number of issues/instances in last couple of months shows that The PM is loosing control. That he has realised that his honeymoon with the top-post is now virtually over. He is trying to champion himself on the lines of Barack Obama  and probably win a Nobel Prize.

Take note that how the government is giving counter-signals:

  • PM bands backward full-length for USA. His love for US seems to transcend love for his motherland. He is soft-pedalled by just being made ‘guest’ at White House. His approach shows he cannot asset India on USA despite having the opportunities of economic slowdown and other strategic partnerships. Perhaps he realises that US ‘loobying’ is important for the coveted Prize.
  • He leaves for Copenhagen Summit nearing its end. Would not like to go into merits and de-merits of this sudden visit. Just like to mention that he is going there against the wishes of the Indian delegation negotiating there. Just goes to show he wants to prove a point that how much ‘he’ (and not India!)cares for the environment and climate change.
  • The diplomacy with USA also appears to be just an eye-wash. See how FBI not allowing India to interrogate Headley or Rana linked to 26/11. Much dirt is supposed to come out with Headley being reported as an agent of CIA. What sort of co-operation is this. One-sided co-operation by PM, India with luv to USA.
  • Where’s the US pressure on Pakistan or China. We are intimidated by our every neighbour.
  • The Home Ministry and the The MEA are at their contradicting best. One says Headleys’ visa papers are misplaced/lost, other say they are available. Where’s the control Mr P.M>
  • The Central government tried to douse the Telangana fire by kerosene. The result is for all to see. Weak PM is nowhere in picture while the Nation burns in fire for separate states. Perhaps he find this fire less dangerous than global warming. Misplaced priorities!

So be ready in near future to see Dr Manmohan Singh winning the Nobel Peace Prize. As for PM’s post its over to PM i.e. Pranab Mukherjee…

picture courtesy-www.unp.co.in