Azab Prems’ Ghazab success…London Dreams dashed & Kurbaan’s low collection are baffling (to read pre-review click here)

  • Aladdin was a damp-squib and my opinion on it reflected that I was reading  too much into BigB blog. Aladdin was meant to be a children film which never was going to be Blockbuster but atleast I expected it to be entertaining! sigh! As I naggigingly fely in my Pre-review, Director Sujoy Ghosh really messed on the story like his previous Home Delivery.
  • London Dreams was most tragic disaster. Its tragic not because of that I felt it would be a solid Hit. But a good movie was rejected by the masses. Movie was intense but I think the timing did it in. Afterall we just watched Ajay D in hilarious All The Best and Salman as macho ‘Wanted’.Music was also a let-down.
  • APKGK & Jail : the youthfulness of Ajab Prem and trust associated with Raj Kumar Santoshi did-in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail… a surprise hit despite mainstream media critics siding with Jail. Jail was good but it drowned itself in over-confidence and over-expectation. People thought that Jail is already a hit so patronize APKGK.  My hunch was spot-on.
  • Tum Miledrowning and drowsing affair. Below average and bordering flop. Mahesh Bhatt no doubt blames it on Rahul Bhatt controversy. But poor films do lead to poor excuses.
  • Kurbaanis brilliant. such movie starts slow. Fingers crossd, I expect it to be bigger grosser than APKGK. It didn’t. Shocking. Can’t figure out why! May be clock has covered its full circle….Poor showing of Kurbaan is bad omen for Dharma Productions My Name is Khan
  • De DAna Danthe publicity is huge and good too. But…but the gags  shown are too common. As I mentioned in my pre-review De Dana collection were average at BO and that mainly due to Priyadarshans’ past reputation. And as reports come in it is sold at about 12 crore rupees on satellite television!
  • Radio inspite of brilliant music Radio is complicated and flops badly. Even a child have guessed it when the promo started. We want Music composer and singer in Himesh Reshamiyya back!

Paa is suuccessful mainly due to intelligent film making and marketing. Rocket Singh-SOTY is a flop (Perhaps now Yash Chopra and Aditya Chpra should make films by themselves and not rely on their assistants)

All eyes on 3 Idiots, Veer and My Name is Khan.