Batsmen only game is dangerous

India are thrilled, Sri Lanka are gutted. Forget that there was no contest between the bat and the ball but for the last 10 overs, these two teams fought hard. One hundred and four boundaries hit, 825 runs scored, and only three runs separate them. Spare a thought for Dilshan, Sanga and Tharanga, who – under the pressure of a huge chase – played such magnificent knocks. Celebrate the innings from Sehwag, Tendulkar and Dhoni, the spin bowling from Harbhajan, and the death bowling from Zaheer and Nehra. But also remember that this was a substandard international pitch and a small ground.

Over 800 runs in One day Cricket is indeed humdinger. ‘Humdinger’ this sort of word I hear only in Taran Adarsh’s movie reviews or on Anyway Indian bowlers’ and fielders made te mess of the batsmen efforts. Clearly some stick and shakes seem necessary for them. WE may have won but lack of commitment is evident. Time to take harsh measures and drop players where commitment is  low. Gaambhir, PK, Zaheer should be immediately dropped.Virender Sehwag efforts were superlative, Sachin was solemn and Dhoni aggressive.

There was a time when scores of 250 was considered fighting. Now above 400 is not safe. Srilanka must be devasted after their superlative efforts going in vain. And India has much to ponder after this narrow win.

Anyway ‘jo jeeta wohi sikander’…