does India deserves to be cut in more pieces?

Oh!My India Divided

We are the worst-populated country in the world? Our population growth rate is so high and abysmal as our poverty level. We are struggling to make education fundamental rights of the citizen! We are struggling to create job opportunities! And look here we are fighting for Telengana and other me-too demands for smaller states.

This is a case of misplaced priorities. Bad governance cannot be ridden-off by creating newer states. The situation shall be worsened. The Central governments capitulation to ‘politics’ of TRS leaves much to be answered. The recent protests against Telengana shows that the movement does not have mass support. Being a neutral player observing Andhra burning thru’ various media I can say its just few political leanings that is trying to stoke the fire. KCR, the TRS chief, was in power till a short while ago for as many as 20 years and have changed loyalties at any opportunity. He did nothing for the cause he is crusading for, with hunger strike in the confines of a 5 star hospital. When his position in last election was pathetic he decides to go on a hunger strike and then the Centre relents and backtrack later. It may be appropriate to say that Andhra is terribly missing the strong leadership of YSR. Clearly politics is the reason for such mish-mash of happenings. Now relations between neighbours, villages, cities would be discussing whether Hyderabad is in AP or in Telengana?

Hyderabad is in India….you stupid!