ARPAN -a social initiative of Dainik Jagran

DJ has got tremendous response from all walks of life for supporting those who are often neglected by us.

We collect new & old clothes like shawls, jersey, razai, blankets, shirts, trousers, suit- salwar, children clothes, shoes, bed sheets, coat etc from our readers which we further distribute to the needy at the extreme end like those working at construction sites, traffic lights, orphanages, under flyovers and on road side. This campaign has been appreciated by masses as they feel that it is one of those projects which a business house could take up for the growth & benefit of the society.

Dainik Jagran has been doing it since years at its own level, however we feel if spread across in a wider domain it will benefit more and more individuals.

It is really painful to witness people bound to spend chilling winters at places we can’t even imagine. The rickshaw pullers, labourers, children, females are cursed to sleep in pavements, footpaths, open varendas of shops etc. Our contribution can at least provide some warmth to their bodies.

Hence, this request, from Dainik Jagran to generously donate the required items in your area so that we can carry out this responsibility well & wide.

For further details you can refer to Dainik Jagran or visit

For a change forward this info, to as many people. Lets make some difference.

with warmth & regards,

Jeewan Chandra Joshi

Manager-Brand & Strategy Development

Jagran Prakashan Ltd.

+91 9837099502