Because from HATE will rise Love

When I thought on this blog-topic I am in a happy mood (my sugar level is normal atlast (!) without exercising and medicines). So I wanted to post a positive blog. I thought on ‘Things I Luv’. While penning those I realised it is more important to find or sort out ‘Things I Hate’, so rest will mean the things I love…nothing can be more pleasing, more optimistic then this, isn’t it!

  • talking on mobile while driving. some have all opportunity to stop and then mobitalk but they will do only when driving. economy of time, presumely!
  • standing near an electricity pole (!) and talking via Bluetooth. Gives impression of someone coming or going to an asylum
  • waiting, waiting and waiting.particularly for train on station. real torture
  • movie reviews and reviewers in elite media aka the english press. far from masses, a mode to show the command in language…
  • sophisticated bhikharis. they come and beg for ‘chanda’ and donations in the name of asharams, gaushalas. khadi clad vasooli bhai.
  • women gossiping or trying to preach. look what Rita Bahuguna Joshi, the UPCC President, did to Rahul Gandhi or his pilot. somebody have said the brains are in the kness (no generalisations intended, pun intended)
  • interfering characters in personal life or in professional life, even if its my Boss.
  • after – drink nautankis. they look deliberate attempt to get noticed.
  • standing in lines, government procedures…ah!!!
  • to be taken for granted or to be ignored. would rather leave or not go to place where such situation arise.
  • torture/illness to animals. meneka gandhi ‘heads & tails’ zindabad….
  • politicians. another form of sophisticated bhikaris. used to admire them but of late they have ditched my senses.
  • terminal illness/suffering/pain….death