Cloud 9 energy drinks promote drunken driving in its new TV ad campaign

An energy drink is launched in the market. Shilpa Shetty is the face that launched this drink. But need to have hype. The marketing should be eye-catching. Shit to all moral ethics.

This is the case of newly launched energy drink Cloud 9. Not going into the merit of the product would share my deep anguish at their TV promos airing now-a-days. I saw it on famous youth channel 9Xm. The short commercial urges the Youth to ‘Drink and Drive’…Creative liberty or plain mischief….viewer, particularly the experimenting youth, would feel attracted to this drink. But the message is Drink and Drive. On legal terms it is imlied that drink non-alcoholic Cloud 9, but at the sub-concious the message ‘enjoy drunken driving’ is being pushed.

But anyway who feels for ethics if it is sales driven!!!