RDB got his due only after He was gone

Anu Malik is still surviving the Bollywood ways. His comtemporary music directors’ of the 80’s and 90’s have either split or have been lost in oblivion. Remember – Nadeem-Shravan, Jatin – Lalit, Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen, Nikhil-Vina, Uttam Singh, Shiv-Hari, Anand-Milind. These were talented composers. But could not sustain themselves with the times. But Anu Malik is still there. But he seems to be loosing out on much-hyped and over-hyped music composers who no doubt will be YRF Films wonder or one film wonder.

Anu Malik is a man with immense passion and soul for music. His tunes string your heart. ‘Tere Dar per sanam chale aaye -from PTKYA’ , ‘Aane wala pal ek sapna hai – ‘, to’sau dard hain-Janemann’, ‘raat ki hatheli par chand jagmagata hai-Refugee’ to  ‘ labo ko labo-Lovestory 2050’  the last 30 years are exceptional and unmatchable…He has worked with Rafi to KK & can be called REAL versatile after RD Burman. Quite evident from his music,he continues to amaze listeners with his wide range of songs from Aawargi,Sohni Mahiwal,Jaanam,Sir,PTKYA,Baazigar,Vijaypath,Main Khiladi Tu Anari,Diljale,Chahat,Border,Tamanna,Virasat,Refugee,MKKH,Yaadein,Asoka,Jaaneman , Mein Hoon Na, Love story 2050, Victory, KI etc, which have become trend setters. He has given early breaks to many rookies who have now become singing sensation.Sonu,KK,Kunal,Preeti-Pinky,Babul,Alisha,Shreya,Zubin etc owe their success to him for early breaks during their struggling years. It has been his USP to give chart busters even without heavyweights.

The problem is like that like his soulful songs he take his decisions from his heart. He still poses trust on some banners who gave him work when he was nobody. Remember-Mard, Julie-Julie from Jeete hain shaan se. Wow. Often chided as a copy cat I am following Anu Malik since I started understanding Music. Phir Teri Kahani Yaad AAyi was the track that eventually gave Anu Mlaik status of God for me. I even hve his tracks from films like Gopala, Hum Hain Bemisaal- have you heard of these films! His tunes may be work of inspiration but they are full of Indian ethos.No wonder top-rated singer like Sonu Nigam dedicates their success to Anu.

I sometime regret that we Indian did not give RD Burman what he deserved during his lifetime. After his death he became real popular. Let this not happen to Anu Malik. Join us & raise a toast for the man!

And sing -sandese aate hain, humein tadpate hain…ki ghar kab aaoge’ OR ‘ter bin mein kuch bhi nahin -naraaz’…