Which One?

Change is Important

Suddenly I have a desire that i should look mature.And old. Many on
occassions you realise that being a chikna is not always beneficial.Atleast on professional front is not always a winning feature. I took proud in my ‘clean’ look but suddenly it fell on me that a man without moustache is like  tea without sugar.
Your age have to be seen to be believed. White hair or coloured ones are
an option. Having a moustache is an interesting option. And I have decided to have one.

Years on I have been wearing this face. Clean Shaven. Mom’s raja beta (Mom’ dear child!). I am now fed up. I need change. So do others’, who are my dear and near. That’s why the decision to have a moustache. Also growing them shows my concern for the ladies – as Rudyard Kipling have mentioned in his work that- kissing a man without a moustache is like eating an egg without salt.May be growing one may change my ‘Kiss-mat’…

Should it be Chinese type…Chin-Chang Twang, mainly seen in Bruce Lee films. Ajay Devgan’s recent french-cut style is also cool. Both have been rejected by my wife. Or Hitler style tiny-miny. Thakur style big one’s defying gravity would be too much for my clients. Brigadier style would make m Boss feel envy. Oh too much variety based on cultural relevance, hair quality, style, length, creativity. Leave it, I thought. Shall first let it grow and then will see (or I must say Feel) whether it suits or just shave-it off.

Shaving will become a cumbersome issue definitely. A small cut on the left will jeopardise entire excercise and would have to restart again.Sigh! I recall in our ‘M’ days when this seed of man-hood has just started to sprout my friend, Akant, came school with a handkercheif  on his mout, we realised his moustache was gone and missing. We queried and he replied – my sis pasted a sticker on my mouth and when I removed it my moustache was also removed. Sooo sad. And you know, we believed him then!

But trying to grow them have made my life interesting. Just read a poem -..Told to shave my moustache, I told her to shave off hers.Now we’re barely friends….la.la.laa…

Oh my Lord One day let someone say – mooche hon to ‘Sherry’laal jaisi, nahin to na ho ! (not worth translating!_)

try this one – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUc4iKIAPV8