KRK was the only ‘man’ on the show

As the reports are coming in Kamal Rashid Khan a.k.a KRK is back in Big Boss 3 as a wild card entry. He will in all probability enter the house today. His return comes amidst dwindling TRP’s of the show since his exit.

Those who are following the show must have realised that KRK was the only genuine contender of this game-show. All other contestants were do-goodie, pretending to be the best and looking to win the contest. KRK was the one who spoke his mind. Was excessive sometime but that is natural and human.

Big Boss mentor have shown contestents how their every move is being monitored. He gave punishments to Rohit Verma, Vidu Dara Singh and Raju Shrivastava for plotting and conspiring against other members of the House. All the image-makeovers have been shattered and KRK emerges out as the real person. He has the instinct to learn Rohit Verma’s intentions very early in the contest. Other members have now realised his gossiping and narad-muni like traits.

So KRK’s return on the show is the most interesting move by the Big Boss. Now the contest between KRK-Vidu-Parvesh and Rohit will be an interesting edifice to how human behaves!