Icons like Sachin Tendulkar  are for whole Nation

The 'GOD' rattled by his Bhatija

Keep aside ‘positive’ thoughts and all that mannerisms that we blogger are supposed to follow. We feel disgusted by the turn of things. The ‘Cartoon-maker’ aila Bal Thackrey have made a cartoon of himself. All the respect for his fighting spirit, his wits, his nationalism have been brushed aside in a single stroke. His niece was belligerent enough to be hated by one and all, and in this fragile age Bal Thackrey have mocked himself.

Imagine this ‘dumb’, son of b*#@%, insinuating Sachin Tendulkar, The God.

The Real GOD

Sachin is God not because of his cricket but because of his exemplary conduct in and off the field. To suggest that he is just a Marathi and after that Nation comes, means that this ‘Bal’ is trying to ridicule the Nation. In-fact icons like Sachin, Amitabh Bachchan are of whole Nation. India is respected because of them not because of this ‘Chacha-Bhatija’ duo.

‘Chacha’ Thackrey started his career as a Nationalist, against pseudo-secularists. We thought atleast somebody dares to speak out against politics of the day. But soon all this aired-off and now he is trying to make Marathi Vs Rest of India. This can’t be allowed. This man seemed to be so much ruffled by his ‘bhatija’ Thackrey that he wants to be in news. If niece  can be a Kamina, I can be both Kutta & Kamina, he must have thought. So what soft target can he get other than Sachin, sometime back it was Amitabh!

A couple of month back Karan Johar apologised to Raj’s MNS for using Bombay instead of Mumbai in Wake Up Sid. Now Shiv Sena protested against his new flick Kurbaan on flimsiest and filmiest of pretense. Now their mentor Bal Thackrey has showed his filthiest approach towards Nation. Maharashtra did well in showing them their places in the state assembly. The Congress must now take lead in ending this goondaism.

Apologies: this are pouring from a sachin’s fan and a nationalist. These utterences from Bala Saheb Thackrey ji came at a time when the Nation was celebrating 20 years of a memorable career. Where have we come? Some words are bad, but they are modest in the context they haves been used. regrets and apologies for them. perhaps these nuisance makers may also apologise.