Amitabh B in PAA goes beyond ‘xtra-ordinary’

Much have been said and written about Amitabh Bachchan as an actor, as a businessman and as a human being. But no arguments that he is the God of Indian Cinema. And he is evolving with age.

paaWhen in a commercial cinema, you see a character and then surprisingly say ‘Is this He?’, that means some extra-ordinary men have come together to show some extra-ordinary cinema. Just look at Amitabh’s character in PAA. He is portraying character of a prosthetic child who ages rapidly. And anyone seeing the promos of the movie will say ‘Is this Amitabh? No way!’ Such is the realism. That’s why this demand that PAA should be entry from India for the Oscars.

Balki, the film Director, have earlier successfully experimented with Amitabh in Cheeni Kum. So no point in doubting his capability in effective story telling. So everything is going right for PAA. The usual expectations that a Big B movie generate is low for PAA. Thanks to debacle of the Genius ‘Aladdin’. Since PAA is produced by The AB Corp its economics is under control. (Take notice at two of 2009 big debacles – Blue and London Dreams. Blue drowned because of its high pricing and London Dreams vanished because of timing – Ajay Devgan gave a hit with an all-out comedy All The Best and Salmaan delivered with masala Wanted – 2 megastars suddenly in an emotive role was too much of a burden for the audiences.)

Amitabh did something unique in Black. He did extra-ordinary in Cheeni KUm playing a 60 year old romantic lead. And is beyond recognition, beyond imagination, beyond excellence in PAA. Amazimg.

The ‘PAA” team deserves an International recognition for their efforts in telling this extra-ordinary stuff on Cinema. They deserve an Oscar. Just imagine how could one think of Abhishek Bachchan playing father to Amitabh Bachchan. Its really a rare story of father-son-father-son relations and emotions. Critics, although, have started campaigning that the character is lifted from ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’

And tell me, if Obama can be conferred with a Noble, why not an Oscar for Amitabh ‘PAA’chchan…!