Got the opportunity to attend a ‘talk’ on Innovations in Media Industry.

A One Day International Seminar titled “ONE DAY WITH INNOVATION” was organized by Vidya College of Engineering , Meerut ( This seminar was sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The Seminar enlisted the participation of academia, industry, professionals from print and electronic media and student community.

The Key Resource Person at the seminar was Mr. Juan Señor, Partner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, London .  Mr Juan Señor  is a globally renowned Expert in Management of Transformation Projects in Media Companies. (

Mr. Juan SeñorMr. Señor is a seasoned Media professional who has served as London Correspondent of International Herald Tribune Television and as a presenter for Wall Street Journal TV and CNBN Europe. He earned a rare professional distinction in 1998 when his T.V. programme Media Report was voted by viewers as Europe’s Best Business Programme.

Since 2002, he has been  planning and implementing transformation projects in print and electronic media companies in Spain, France, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, Chile & Ukraine. Three of his projects  have been recognized  as ‘Best Newspaper Design and  Concept in the World’ for 2007 and 2008.

Besides these accomplishments, he is also a Visiting Fellow at the prestigious Oxford University, U.K where he regularly shares his ideas and experiences on Future of News Media

Mr Juan Señor commenced the first technical session spanning two hours on a spirited note. The session explored the ways of managing news operations during the period of recession in terms of coping with dwindling revenues and resources and yet maintaining the professional excellence.

The second half of the session dealt with Multimedia integration of Newsroom and Management Operations by referring to specific cases from the media industry on the subject concerned.

Mr. Juan Señor, provided gainful insights into the presently feasible futuristic look of the newsroom and how to transform a paper based workflow into fully digital multi-platform operation. Mr. Señor also discussed at length about the Five Pending Revolutions in Media Companies namely:

  1. Re-inventing Content.
  2. Re-organizing Newsrooms and Management.
  3. Re-designing Formats.
  4. Re-discovering  Online Revenue Streams.
  5. Re-thinking Advertising and Distribution Models.

One of the important thought emanating from it was that newspapers in India are virtually free. The Newspapers, particularly the English Press, need to go Premium. And innovate. Should have the multi-media mentality (Please note that ToI has started its premium edition a couple of months back selling at Rs 6 and cater to the niche readership, but the concept is still nascent here in India).

Most of the Publications even some vernacular ones are now online-compatible.There is a symbiotic relation between Information Technology and Media. Information Technology facilitates the reach and effectiveness of media while the latter opens up new vistas for the former in terms of an area of application. Media is a dynamic business where innovation is essential to achieve competitive advantage. Information technology has become a significant tool in the pursuit of innovation.  Consequently, without information technology sustenance and growth of media is unthinkable. However, there are concerns about applicability, adaptability and affordability issues when it comes to managing innovation through the use of information technology. Also,  information technology enabled innovation can help an organization confront the challenges posed by recession. The seminar deliberated upon these issues so as to put them into right perspective.

And listen space-marketeers – you are not-not selling space, you are selling audiences to the client…