Raj Thackrey’s conduct is disgusting…has the Central Congress government failed to check his mini-terrorism!!!

Few days back it was declared that singing Vande-Mataram is un-Islamic! Now we get to know that not knowing Marathi is being anti-Marathi! Thanks to Raj Thackrey and his goons in the Maharashtra Assembly. They man-handle a fellow MLA because he wishes to take oath in Hindi.Oh!what a crime Mr Raj ‘Thakele’ err Thackrey.

Raj GoonsI have never been to Mumbai. But dream of Mumbai thanks to booming economy and Bollywood. But it is becoming as dangerous as, say, Kashmir or even Pakistan aand Afghanistaan. I had a conversation with my cousin who reesides in Mumbai with her hubby. She said bhaiyaa see some job for him in and around Delhi as they wish to leave the place. They are ready to leave even at 25% less income. Why? because goondas there have free reign to exploit sentiments and to create fear psychosis among the residents who are Indians but did a crime to make Mumbai their bread and butter.

Do the Congress government which is ruling at the Centre with a very comfortable majority not able to tackle this form of ‘mini-terrorism’? How will they handle ‘Naxalism’ or External Terrorism.

26/11 is very near. We will come forward to pay our homages to those who fell prey to a global-manance. But is fighting over languages in the name of ‘asmita’ are we not doing a dis-service to the Nation? Raj’s terrorism have created a rift between Indians and Marathis !!!