BB 3 is high point for Colors-the TV channel

bigg-boss3When Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK was evicted from The Big Boss House because of his unruly behaviour, he evoked sympathy. Sympathy that how the society leaves a man alone when He is down and out. This happens in real life too. KRK conceded that he was playing a role and is quite a struggler in true sense. He has a flourishing textile business and takes care of his 5 younger siblings.

Then came out Shelyn Chopra, contrast to Her reel image she is a sensitive woman. Amitabh, The Big Boss, helped her in breaking ice with her mother, the two wept, talked…along with the viewers. Who says that reality TV is not real…this mother-daughter relations are real!

Last week Ismail Darbaar was evicted. He emphasised that he is quite happy to come out of the house with the dignity he has fought for so long. He told us that in his past he has cried so much that he could not bring tears when his mother died. But he ‘broke’ loose and was inconsolable when The Big B embraced him. We were in tears with Ismail and his confident wife.

Infact Big Boss 3 has caught the viewers imagination. The characters look identifiable and some where we are able to see ourselves on the TV screen.
The artificiality of bound script is gone.

Perhaps the credit goes to the Big Boss and that is Amitabh Bachchan. His  sheer presence brings out the child in everyone of us. As Ismail retorted – the best thing for me on the show was to talk to Amitabh every Friday, it was sooo different from the days I used to run behind his car…