He said: zaraa tham jaa re bande…

Its been 10 days since I last blogged. That too was Diwali wishes. A quick-fix blog. The virus took control over me during this period.

So this Diwali I was ‘bumped-off’ in the bed. Just imagine how a small micro-organism whom we cannot even see just takes over and we are all lost. During this period I had Breakfast, lunch and dinners with same menu – antibiotics, painkillers, anti-virals, anti fever, vitamins etc etc. But this ‘virus-man’ will take its own time to go away. I felt like a child. I felt crying. I felt nauseating.

Now I feel okay. Back in office. Among friends and colleagues. Now I realise that its a God’s call to warn you when you start taking your life less seriously. Its God calls to remind you – abhi ruk jaa re bande!. God said to me – ओ मेरे प्रभु, मैने तुम्हे इतनी सारी परेशानियाँ दी. इतनी सारी बीमारियाँ दी
झटके दिये. Stress दिया. कष्ट दियऽउर उन सब से उबार लिया. ताकि तुम सुधार जाओ, ज़रा थम जाओ. जिंदगी की अपेक्षा ना करो. ज़िंदगी से प्यार करने लगो
तुम यह नहीं समझ रहे. कब समझोगे? अब यह बुखार तुम्हे पटरी पर आने के लिए अंतिम अवसर है….सुधरो.सुधरोसुधरो.!.Its God’s call reminding us to  give rest to the body, give peace to the body. Give peace to mind. Thank You, my God, for this little breakdown. I will now take the gift that You provided me with – my body, my mind…more seriously.