This reality show looks REAL…

Bigg-boss3When I started watching Big Boss 3 I had anticipated that nothwithstanding Amitabh’s presence the hype will die sooner than later. But the contestants choic have caught the attention. And these contestants are taking the show seriously. So the audiences are also taking this show seriously.

sherlyn chopra-changing this image through this show
sherlyn chopra-changing this image through this show

The ‘gut-baazi (groupism) is evident as the show enter its 2nd week. While women like Tanaz and Poonam Dhillon try to act big there are enough of ‘men’ thre to bring them down. Vidhu Dara Singh as a secret agent in week 1 steels the show with his antics and comic timing. So has Raju Shrivastava. So is KRK. Kamal Rashid Khan. This rusty contestant from western UP is straight forward and true to his nature. he is acting naturally. His one remark in the first episode was a masterpiece and a master stroke – “he commented on the Indian ladies in the House that the German lady has come to house wearing a saree but some Indian lol’s are in western outfits…!”. Sherlyn and Shamita looks quite contrary to their screen images. Ismail Darbar is sensible like an elderly person. Bakhtiyaar and Jaya Sawant (Rakhi’s Mom) looks out of sort. Aditi like in her films offers nothing substantial.

In all a House that rocks. Look the way in which Vidu steals the golden coin banking on Aunty Jaya innocence. And later feeling guilty and apologising to her. So innocent. KRK breaking down when members accuse him of stealing the coin. Vidu conspiring to put their ‘kammeeenee’ in the group of ‘chudails’ to get inside information. All looks so real.

For sure I am now waiting daily 9’0 clock p.m. for my daily dose of Big Boss 3 on Colors Entertainment channel.