Time to take lessons from my Father…

Yes. The Gen-X is lost. Firstly it has been replaced by much vibrant Gen-Y. Gen-X is in midst of a chaos. Chaos to live, survive and thrive.

oh gosh!!!Here-in I am pondering on some points which my Father followed and follow them even now. My Father represents the older generation which we Gen-X have always resisted & mocked…

  1. I remember my fathers’ friend come to our home for tea. We also used to go to their home for the same thing. Tea so cheap, and so loving. Now we keep family at home and enjoy with friends at beer bar. Pocket minus by at least 500 bucks depending on no. of friends. So if we have a friend as sponsor we have to pay the next time, after-all Gen-X cannot be selfish.
  2. And when we move out with families we go to malls. The kid takes on a baby-train or a baby bike. We eat ice-creams and burgers. Less at least 300 bucks. I rarely remember my father taking us out, but we did enjoy !
  3. My Father used the cycle more often. He uses it even now (inspite of our protest that it did not suit his stature, or shall I say our stature). This may be the reason he is more fit than his sons. TOUCHWOOD. We use bike even for moving from one room to another, literally yaar! Our Petrol Bill 2000/- bucks. My father tells me that he would fill his scooter once a month for 50-100 bucks. Oh! my God.Is this inflation.
  4. My Father,once a week, used to go to nearby subzi mandi (vegetable market) and get a weeks’ requirement. We buy it from the vegetable vendor that comes to our locality. Rates being higher to the tune of Rs 5-15/- per kg than in the wholesale vegetable market. What a waste of money that can be avoided. Only we have less time as we are ‘busy without work’.
  5. My parents also used to buy from a Ration shop. They trusted the quality. Mother prepared the list of grocery and Father on a Sunday would go to the market and buy it. This was monthly routine. Being intelligent, again literally yaar!, we shop at Big Bazaar. Take note that very recently Me and Mrs Me shopped there. Back home we realized we have brought Namkeens, biscuits worth Rs 850/-. Ouch…this must be the annual spending of my parents on these items and we relished those.
  6. We use plastic money. That’s why we didn’t realise the value of money. When we used to pay cash from our pockets we ourselves rationed out some unwanted and avoidable products.
  7. When I say that bollywood is in my blood it means that my Parents were regular movie-goers. That time ticket was max. Rs 10, when it increased they started watching it on VCR’S or Doordarshan. Now we follow our Parents footsteps and also its also status symbol for us to watch a movie in a Multiplex comfort minimum 100 bucks and if we have a popkorn or other refreshments God save!
  8. All hell would broke loose if landline phone bill used to come above Rs 500/-. Its still that my father refuses top use a cell phone. We have – 2 for me, one for my spouse, one for my Bro and one for my mother. Just Imagine!!!
  9. Earlier our distant relatives used to come or we go to them. We have to ask directions even then. We do it even now, difference is that we waste about 3-5 calls for just knowing the direction that we move left or right…another call for ‘…or straight?’
  10. The capitation fee that they would be asking me for my son’s admission may be the whole fees that my parents’ paid for my school education !
  11. When my father moved to Canada in 60’s for his post Doc. he just had a suitcase. Very recently my Bro is off to UK for his higher education. His shopping cost us 50K . Again Just Imagine. Is it Inflation?

So its not just inflation in monetary terms that is to be blamed. Its the inflation of our egos and shrinkage’s of our moral value that is causing depression. My father completed his job, built a couple of  houses and is now living a retired peaceful life with my mother. May be in this retrospection I have again realised that – MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED

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