Isn’t it the most communal harmony Greetings?

Today the world celebrates Eid! Meethi Eid!

eid celebrations

Seviyan, Kheers, shorbas…its delicious Eid. This is the beauty of being an Indian and living in India. Whatever the world think, we are ONE at heart. Every Indian, comprising all religious faiths, take pride and enjoy the festivities and sensibilities of every other religion. Like Diwali, this Eid is celebrated with ful throttle. All the tensions are swayed away, time to enjoy and relish. New clothes, new bikes, time for some dole-y sholley(muscles)…every street you can see Salman Khan’s (literally).

We Hindus during this time are observing Navratras (worshiping the Goddess). Eid is being celebrated after a month of Holy Ramzaan. Like in Navratraas, in Ramzaan fasting is observed – this was the philosophy propagated by our ols saits/sufis to give rest to body. Rest just not physical, but at spiritual level. In these Holy period patience is observed, the mind is supposed to be at rest. Peace in thoughts. Let their be peace, non violence. So the background for all religious ceremonies is same.

We are ONE. Just have to put aside our religious- ego.